Wednesday, April 9, 2014


My daily breakfast. 
Yogurt, raspberries,maple sirup, Special K honey&oats ♥

 So what is going on right now????
Well, towards the end of the week I kind of lost my mojo.   :(
Had used the treadmill for a couple of days (did well with interval program on 1) and worked out after with weights and some other exercises and I guess I overdid it..... I'm not 20 anymore and since I'm not what you call fit I have a tendency to maybe do too much. My lower back is already a bit of an issue to star with do to the lack of core strength and I was in pain for days. So I cut out the workouts to get back to normal, but with it I kinda lost interest all together.......... frustrated.....
I still watch my normal meals, but snacking gone up.
On top of it my scale was acting up. Each time I stepped on it I got a different number .
 Either 1 or 2 lbs up or down.....that doesn't work for me.So out she went!!
I got a new scale yesterday that works great.  Hubby thinks I should not weigh myself at all, but I'm not sure that's an option.... 
Anyway I try to take it one day at the time really. I wasn't too excited about it all anyway and maybe that's why I struggle already. I just feel I can't wait for my head to get into it anymore. It might never happen. I hope that while I do it I get more motivated.  
Talking about the head....I sometimes wonder if I have ADD . My brain is all over the place most of the time and even with changing my eating habits I have the same issue. I'm thinking about it, making sure I stay on track, then I go blank and do the opposite .
Of course when I snap out of it I get frustrated and feel like a looser.
Trying to soldier on anyway. I have to get a grip of things.
For myself!!

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