Sunday, March 30, 2014

First steps....

Every journey starts with first steps, right?
Today I took my first steps by setting out on my treadmill. I started out with one of the programs on it
, which was way too hard as I found out after 10 minutes.
After a break to catch my breath and some tears,I went back on. This time on the lowest program and
did another 30 minutes.
That's all I managed for this day. Tomorrow I will start to track my food intake again .
Even though I don't really like the Weight Watchers program itself I like the tracker.
Now that I too call myself a proud owner of a smart phone, I can use WW app where ever I am.
I think that will come in handy for sure.

So much for today.....
I will go now and prep my lunch for tomorrow
The first step is done!

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